Where do I start and where do I stop? Seemingly, there is no beginning and no end, of these rows that reflect my soul. Of this surface that shows my passion. I try to take you into my world where the smells are mixed in the air around you, where the flavours relieve each other on different parts of your tongue, where the heat penetrates into the heart.


Maybe you’re next to me, maybe you sit in a chair and wait patiently for your turn. A glass in your hand, searing spice in my. Lipstick on edge, mustache opposite you. And a smile, filled with joy that feels deep in your stomach. Anticipation spreads in the air and reaches my senses, my endless ambition to mix. And do the things I usually do, but still like to surprise with something new. A new dimension to that already proven. I let myself be seduced by the unknown and the expectant within you. Perhaps you are a supplement that will lift my world, carry me to a new place of thriving greenery, flowing rivers and hard edges. Of a cutting board, with grated garlic on. I want to rub it in the paper you are looking at, so you can smell it. So you can come into my world and let yourself be seduced by this fusion that will soon come to a place near you.



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